Started last night when my parents wanted to go to a disney website. when we type in anything to do with disney it redirects us to this "igrowler" website that ironicly, is about guitars. Now we've done two antispyware scans and yet it hasn't gone away. Has anyone heard of this at all?
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that isnt irony

and no1 cares
I'm guessing he's looking for help, and not asking if we're "interested" in his dilemma.
There is malware out there that will automatically redirect your browser...though it usually changes your home page too. Get an adware scanner (AdArawe is a good one) and maybe CWShredder...
Edit: CWShredder is a program that gets rid of another malware program called 'cool web search.' It redirects your web brownser according to your surfing patterns, and it's tough to get rid of...if you bring up the task manager and have a program called CWS.exe or something like that, you need CWShredder. It's freeware...
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ah... that explains it all. I do have that program i believe and latley i have been going to a lot of guitar websites which would explain why it redirects me to a guitar website.
Thanks I'll try that out.