yes, as the title in all uppercase says, i need some more folk to add to my collection. some good suggestions? i like jack johnson and Jose Gonzales if that helps?
A Seven Nation army couldn't hold me back.
Bob dylan obviously, Willy mason, Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Townes Van Zandt.
Tears in waves, minds on fire
Nights alone by your side
oh yeah. anyone have stuff like cat stevens? or whatever his name is these days

edot: difficulty of classical gas? 1-10? 2 years of expeirience with fingerpicking.
A Seven Nation army couldn't hold me back.
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Devendra Banhart
Bert Jansch
Jackson C. Frank
Great Lake Swimmers
Micah P. Hinson
Joanna Newsom
Nick Drake
Neutral Milk Hotel
Neutral Milk Hotel
Nick Drake
Iron & Wine
Jason Collett
Summerteeth-era Wilco
Kate Bush
Bob Dylan
Sufjan Stevens
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Harmonium - s/t
Joseph Arthur
Tim Buckley
Elliott Smith

And pretty much all the other mentionned so far.
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