It would make the strings tighter. And more likely to break.

If you really wanted to you could loosen the tension.

Edit: Acoustic or Electric?
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Ideally you would use a capo for that.

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I have heard you could snap the neck and I believe it. With standard tuning there is 100 Pounds or more of tension on the neck...or so I have heard...but a Capo would be much easer.
While I don't know the math exactly, I really doubt the neck would snap. If you're using 12s, i can't imagine the increase in tension would be any different then putting 13s on it. If you are looking to avoid a truss rod adjustment, I would just tune it back down to standard after you are done playing.

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pffffft . . . . . . snap the neck . . . . I don't think so

Do you know what lateral force would be need to snap the neck? The strings would snap LONG before the neck would
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Ya just buy a capo. So much more easier. And practical.
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