Been a while since I uploaded anything, this I liked but after listening to it a few times I hate the bend at 00:29.. pretty short just sorta playing over an into at the moment (way too much) to get an idea of how it should progress.. anyway... Check it! Oh yeh its the one called cheesy soloing..


Edit: you might have to LO-fi it, if the Hi-Fi.. plays fast..
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i like it. the only problem is that the acoustic background over powers the solo. and the solo sounds as if you recorded it through the mic built in to your computer.

other than that its awesome.
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Cheers man. Yeh the mic's crap.. gonna get a decent one at some point.. cheers for the crit on sound! wasnt too sure about that..
nice job

It seems as if the acoustic track you got in there is a bit to loud but as far as the playing goes
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Cheers for the comments dudes, yeh Im gonna sort out the sound levels when Ive written a bit more.. its actually all done on my good old Roland Cube 30.. nice little amps for the money..