Anyone have any advice for me on bending vibrato? The song bends on the low e string (the really skinny one, i think its low?) 17b19~~~ so i have to bend and vibrato it. Do i drop the tone a bit and move back up and do that repeatedly?

Thanks guys!
the skinny one is the high e
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no you dont have to drop the tone if your finger placement is correct you should be able to pull it off just work on finger placement and it wont mute
It'd probably be easier to vibrato horizontally rather than vertically in that instance.

Still, whatever's your personal preference, I doubt it'd matter too much in the long run.
When I add vibrato to a bend I just basically keep bending an unbending, but really quickly. It took me a while to build enough finger strength to do it quickly enough so it sounds like vibrato.
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