*verse 1*
I remember
the days that i was ill
i had dreams of your blood slipping through my hands
it is amazing what words do to friends
i scream
wishing i could take back words i didnt mean
now i thought
you'd be better off without me
Now I think I'm being played
those words were taken to hard you could have let them fade
Your just pissed you set rules and i didnt obey
Now im ok
and im happy things turned out this way
*verse 2*
i remeber...
how i wish you were there
now i
really dont care
you were just a lie
i couldnt see in front of my eyes
now i
hate you and the tears i cryed
This will sounf mean
but i wich you would all go away and die
well thats all...i just freely made it up in 10 minutes so ya it blows