i don't know where else to post this, because i think it's more of a computer question than a guitar question... if this isn't the right place to post, i'd appreciate it if someone could direct me to a forum where i might find an answer. thanks!

anyway, my question is to other guitar pro users: has your guitar pro ever just gone out of tune? i think it's the midi on my computer that's actually out of tune... but i KNOW its out of tune and not my guitar (2 different tuners, plus played along with songs).

this is extremely frustrating. if anyone can provide me with an answer that would be GREAT. thanks again
You're the second person I've seen with this problem in the past 2 weeks. This is strange...
Have you checked into the midi settings?
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Have you tried rebooting?

Virus is probably the other thing. Maybe slowing down your computer? Get a virus protection program.

Other than that, I can't see a solution.
How does a computer program go out of tune? Gotta be like a virus or something.
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Yeah it's a virus, specifically designed to make your guitar pro go out of tune...

maybe it's your soundcard having midiproblems with guitar pro... or speakers
My guitar pro always sounds out of tune too! It makes it a pain to play along with.

Did you buy the software?
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You people with the virus should be working for NASA.

Anyway, if your soundcard's too slow, it may not be able to playback the sound at a quick enough pace, so since it lags behind, the sound comes out flat (sort of like a tape, if you slow it down it sounds lower in pitch). But that would be strange with midi...
My GP isn't out of tune but when ever it does a bend it always goes really high, which is weird. I would re-install it
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Umm go to your audio settings set your digital output 48.0khz

that should work, it did for me
Are you sure that you didn't just tune the instrument? Like, on guitar pro?
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I find that when I use midi sounds in Guitar Pro it sounds out of tune when playing the same chords over and over. Dont know why it does that, but it's like some retard who cant fret properly.

With RSE it's not as bad. But I agre MIDI sounds + guitar pro = lulwut
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umm, this is happening cause someone posted a guitar pro on multiple torrent sites and its modified to sound out of tune, cause they think its funny.
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Maybe it's the guitar settings on the program. Is it like that with every song?
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Lol, or two years.
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