Is it normal to see a dividing line as if two separate pieces of wood were joined, between the bridge and the rear of an acoustic? If the top is suppose to be solid, shouldn’t the top be one solid piece?

I just got mine Yamaha FG730S Cherry Sunburst. The top is suppose to be solid spruce. Yet I see plainly as if two pieces of wood were glued from the bridge to the back. Running my finger over it, it feels a bit elevated along this line that runs from the bridge to the rear; does not feel smooth

Is this normal, or should I send it back for an exchange. It was a special order through Guitar Center.
It is solid wood. Solid wood means that the top is not made of plywood, essentially. What you are talking about is where the two pieces of the solid top are joined. There are very few trees that are as wide as your acoustic guitar, so two pieces of wood are joined together in the top to form it. Check out one of the acoustic builds in the GBC forum to check out what I mean.

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Right. Solid means not laminated. Mine is the same way. Very common - nothing to be concerned about.
You should see my early 70s Yamaha FG-150. Both halfs of the top are quite different in colour (one is much more orange than the other), and this is all solid construction too. This is the way guitar tops are always made, don't worry about it.
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The top is solid, and it NEEDS to be joined in the middle for structual reasons. If you had one huge board for the top then it would be more likely to split, twist, or warp.
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