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metal blade records, nuclear blast records, century media records, roadrunner records (more mainstream),
I'm not into the super extreme black metal type of stuff so i can't really help you there but these are a few companies.
I'm not looking for black metal, but that's good.

Yea, I thought Roadrunner started to go more mainstream, and I'm looking for more indie type record companies. Thanks for the suggestions you guys.
You might want to look at the sub-categories of those labels. Like smaller parts like Roadrunner is the parent company of SPV GmbH which is Iced Earth's current label.
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I would just look in the CD jacket of bands you like or find out what record label they are signed to.
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Aaah, I have a list of labels to send demos to that I had for my old band that went under...but I can't remember which ones are which genre, but if you're willing to look them up then:

Att. A&R
P.O. Box 938
09009 Chemnitz

All the contact details for Coalition Records are on their Record label website under Contacts.

Petersburderstr. 81,
10247 Berlin,

Thirty Days Of Night Records,
9 Belle Vue Court,

DC Flag Records/Demos,
17 Polson St.
Toronto, ON
M5A 1A4 Canada

Level Plane,
PO BOX 7926,
VA 22906 USA

Fiendforce Records,
Thorsten Wilms,
Blumenthalstrasse 31,
50670 Koln

29 Wickham Road,

As I said, they're NOT ALL metal, but I'm pretty sure at least a couple of them are. Maybe someone else will find a use for the others.