of one of these in the near future. budget: 500$




i like (on bass) mostley funk cause i like getting a good slap and pop sound. on guitar: rock (classic rock, alternative, punk) ska, funk, and metal.

if not one of these, what one do you guys think

ps. i have a MIM tele and yamaha pacifica 112 for guitars, a fender squire p bass, and a 60w behringer v-ampire 210 lx

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wait, two guitars and a bass?

yea, whats your point?

my band ^
I really dig that Epiphone Les paul with the Floyd... but personally I'd get either the Bass or the Explorer cause that floyd is bound to crap out sooner or later.. more than likely sooner
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Get the T-Bird man, its a legendary bass.

If not for any other reason, get it becuase its legendary.