Hey guys, now that I have attained descent skills at physically playing guitar, I want to concentrate on being more of a musician, and an "ear" player. Theres so many people out there that can play a 1000 cool licks, but cant do a thing if they don't have a tab in front of them, or know exactly what to play. I'm not saying that Im that great, but I really want to be an ear player, and be able to listen to something and understand how to play it, and i'm sure you get the point, but how should I go about becoming an ear player, and I'm not talking about theory, because i already study that. I already have a descent ear, but where should I start, tuning by ear, working out songs just by listening to them or what? Any advice is appreciated. Thanks in advance.
just memorize notes and chords and play them alot and you can hear them eventually. it takes a while, but focus on technique first so u get good, dont worry about that stuff. but u should learn the notes on the neck and chords before anything.
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I play mostly by ear, its something I've been doing for 20 years though. I took guitar lessons for about 2 years but only wanted to learn certain songs and didnt have the disapline to learn the guitar.......made life hard becuase of lack of appreciation for my Guitar Teacher (George Cole,who was in fact Billy Joe Armstrong's teacher as well....I met Billy Joe when I was about 14...he was around 13,his lesson was right before mine, thought that was pretty cool now that he made it as a musician) anyhow I've had to learn by ear.
The best way is to listen to something you want to learn over and over and learn small parts at a time, watch other people play and try to play their stuff by memory.As far as lead,I'm more of a rythym player but you need to no the scales and look at the guitar solo you are trying to play as an abstact version of the melody of the song,then try to tie it back to the original melody......make any sense? I've always looked at people who improvise lead as being talented enough on the guitar to beable to express themselves musicly through the guitar.
If you can read tab and or music you really should beable to pick up by ear quickly, but dont get in any slump holes...just move to other music.

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Just feel it out. Trust your musical instincts. For example this one time I was sitting around with my band and crew and Dumb and Dumber was on, and the one song on there called Too Much of a Good Thing (movie has an awesome soundtrack) started to play. I was noodling around on an acoustic, and when the song started I was like "hhhmmm, that sounds like its here!" and started to play dead on what the guitar intro was. I've done that a couple other times, to.

Just listen to something you want to play by ear, and start to play around on the fretboard until you find it. Keep doing that and eventually you'll start to surprise yourself. Personally though I'm more of a ear and fretboard player. I can hear what I want to play, but I need to see the fretboard to really find it. Its kind of like doing a math problem on paper as opposed to in your head.
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i'm in the same boat. i can tune by ear enough to get a guitar in tune with itself, and depending on how dense the arrangements are, I can usually tell if they're playing minor chords or major chords, etc... but i can't just hear something and say "oh, it's in B flat major... of course!" Although, i find that the better I know the fretboard in my head, the easier it is to associate a certain tone with a certain fret... now it's just a matter of being able to name them everytime.
train your voice. that trains your brains ear. and 'if you can sing it you can play it'
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