Have you ever tried to learn a song one day but it was very hard for you to learn and play, and then the next day you sit down and just start playing it.

It happened to me today, I'm trying to learn the solo to Free Bird and I could only play the beginning, then today I sit down and I play most of the solo. This has happened to me a couple of times.

Has this ever happened to you while trying to learn a song?
Happens to me all the time. Apparently when you sleep your brain organizes everything you learned during the day, so when you play it the next day its more straight foreward?
Yeah, When I was 8 I couldn't play thunderstruck at normal speed but then two days later without playing the song for those days, I just played it!

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Yeah I know what your talking about. I'll sit down one day get some of the song memorized but have difficulty laying it down, then the next day it just hits me like a ton of bricks and I'm flying through it. I don't know maybe it's cause I have time to really know the difficulty of the song and what I'm up against, ya know? Well that's just my two cents...
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I love those moments...you feel like you cheated somehow but its oooh so sweet.
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Quote by yawn
You learned how to play Free Bird overnight...

i think hes lying about the freebird part.

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I knew the first half up to the third or fourth part in the solo, and then I was sitting there looking at the tab while listening to the song yesterday, and tried to play it, but wasn't successful, but then today I played most of the solo and it was so wierd.
Happened to me just the other day playing the intro riff to Muse's Stockholm Sydrome. A couple days later now I can play it without any problem.
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there has been studies on this, when you're young you can learn and organize your brain while you sleep. Enjoy it while you can, it doesn't work when you're over 18 or so... us old guys have to learn it the hard way
Quote by Schecter4lyfe
i think hes lying about the freebird part.

Do you really? Freebird is hardly a hard song to learn. If remeber correctly it took me one or two nights max.
Yeah, recently. I always wanted to play Destroyer Of Senses by Shadows Fall, and I couldn't even play the intro, I thought it was impossible, then I sat down a few days ago and played it through and through, solo and everything. I was proud.
About two days ago, some of the licks in the Under A Glass Moon solo seemed impossible. Yesterday, something just clicked and my picking got alot better and I can perform the speed picking licks pretty well. I'm not saying I didn't work hard to play this solo, it took me quite awhile.
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Doesn't happen to me that much...(i need to practice more )

But it does happen when I study for a big test, I get all nervous and anxious and forget everything...then the next day I remember everything.
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