Ok so I am a junior in auto tech at my school. I like it, its very fun. And i want it to be apart of my life for a bit. BUt its not a passion. and I know that life isnt always about doing what you want to do but what you sometimes HAVE to. I really want to go to Musicians Institute. And honestly I dont want to go to make it my career (though it would be very nice to dont get me wrong)
But heres my dilima. Im thinking about going to college for Auto Tech after schools done. And from what statistics show I will me making around 50,000 a year ( more or less) And thats not bad money. And I can work and get lots more. BUT I still really want to go to MI (Musicians Institute) Both colleges go for 30,000 for each college. Not including living. Plus Ive been with this girl for a while. And Im NOT going to jump the gun. BUT if she's still with me Ill marry her so I have that to account for. She incorages me to do what I want. So I ask what kind of jobs after MI that make healthy, NOT Massively rich but healthy money that I can continue to progress in and is realistic to work forward too. Or is it smarter to go to auto tech school.
Not only this anyone in college on this site tell me how they're paying for this. Now Im not to materialistic. I dont spend too much. So all I want is a great guitar and amp and Im done. So it will be a while to pay off college but it will happen faster than most so here it is
1: Auto tech or MI or both ( just years apart of course if that was chosen)
2: Paying for college
3: paying to live single or married
4: can I advance in life carrier after MI (what kind of jobs are open for me?)
5: Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
so this is my career. As far as I know shes doesnt know what she wants yet but till she does she'll have at least a job of some sort.
So please guys help is much needed
1. Go to Auto Tech. Then you can meet guys and start a band then.
2. Paying for college: student loans
3. don't quite get the question
4. Some jobs just require a bachelors... doesn't matter what field it's inm
5. DONE!
money should always be the last thing on your mind. as long as you don't get anyone pregnant, you shouldn't have trouble making a comfortable living.