Well today I bought Some Time in New York City by John Lennon/Plastic Ono Band, and I just ripped it into iTunes, and I can't get the album to play in the normal track order, since some of the songs are by Lennon, while others are by Ono, or both. How can I get the album to have its normal track order in my library? (Already looked through iTunes help and I'm not really fond of playlists).
Right click the song, go to "Get Info" then click the info tab, and it will have track listing.
The album name has to be the same in all the songs.
You'd have to change your iTunes so it'll organize the songs will be in order by the album, not the artist.

Or, you could just change the Artist names to Lennon/Ono, or something like that.
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Yeah, just select the songs by holding down shift, press ctrl I and change artist to lennon, or you can select songs by album instead of by artist
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Just go to get info and rearrange the track number setting and click to sort the collumns by the number on the left side or track number column.
At the top where it says Name Time Artist Album, go to the left of Name and click that tiny box. If you're looking at the album, that will turn into an up or down arrow so they'll be in the order of the cd or any order you want to put them in.