Just curious if anyone has experience with Hartke cabinets..specifically the VX Series. I'm looking at buying a 4-10 and 1-15 (local music shop has an awesome deal on a stack....those two cabinets and a 350watt head). I use a Crate combo right now and need a good cheap stack!

any help is greattly appreciated
I have a VX115 and I get tons of complements about the tone, considering the price. It does sound great for the price. I use it on it's own, and it cuts through well in a band situation, and it can have alot of deep low end. It projects fairly well, I've used it outdoors at parties and such, and I could be heard just fine.

It may be a 15", but I don't know if it will handle a 5 string that well. Also, at low volumes when jamming just with guitars it tends to overpower them unless you EQ in a tone with like no bass. But you're not gonna use a stack for bedroom levels. Also, none of the cabs have a horn attenuator.

One major problem I've had with it was that the tweeter started distorting. It sort of fixed itself, so I never replaced it since it sounds fine now. That was six months ago. Right now it works great, though I may still get a new diaphragm and put in an attenuator. But keep that in mind.

If you wanna hear it listen to my band, the link is in my sig. It's a pretty accurate example of the tone, though the songs were recorded pretty hastily and there are some stuff ups. You can hear the tweeter distorting in the first two bars of Jumping Around. Somehow we never noticed that in the studio, I really don't know how that got past us.

(In those clips is a active jazz style bass using mainly the neck pup with some or both pups equally. I use a Hartke HA3500 head, with an extreme smiley face EQ on the 10 band that I don't really like now. It's miced up, not DI, otherwise I wouldn't tell you to listen to it as an example of the cab.)

All in all, it's probably the best 115 for the price. I even like it better than a Transporter 4x10, but it's not as efficient.

I've never played the VX410, so I can't comment.
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hey i played the 3500a head and 410 xl cab at the shop and they sounded great for the price. I have heard a lot about hartke being one of the best amp prodcuers. You should go to the shop and try it out with ur bass.
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The VX410 is a decent amp for the price. I would recommend it if you're low on cash. But other wise I suggest you stay away from it if you are running it solo. It's very hard to low end thump out of it. But it does have a nice mid-range attack. It handles a 5 string pretty well, meaning the signal doesn't cut. But as I mentioned earlier the cab itself handles lows poorly.