one simple question can i have band practice with the 5 watt epi valve junior combo i can put it up on a chair or desk type thing to project the sound its a very temporary solution i need to be herd for like 6 months not over powering is it possible????

edit- read question at bottom first one is already answered
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if you have a drummer, no way will that be sufficient, if its just a bassist and other guitarist and you, sure, a vocalist would prob overpower you too

so no, get a better amp
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I highly doubt it. There's not enough power there, even if you put it on the roof.
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thanks guys we have a hard hitting drummer to so yea thanks for the input now for ur secodn task can u find me something to not get drowned out for under 200 nothign over at all ....till iget a job then my b-52 head i play classic rock and our band has many punkish riffs floating around in our orignals tube non tube idc just something to get me through (hard hitting drummer 300 watt bass amp 100 watt ss guitar vox through a 130 watt ss but none of the amps are ever cranked) i know its tough but i think u guys are up to the challenge thanks for any help
If you rehearse in a studio of some kind and it has a PA then you can mic your amp and play through the PA (having a multichanel console to direct both vocals and guitar)...If you dont have a spare mic then find some friends pedal (a crapy V-Amp 2 workes for me at least) and directly hook it on the console...
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