Alright so ive been looking at getting either a Dunlop DC Power Brick or a Voodoo Lab Pedal Power 2+ Power Supply.
Ive searched UG and havent found a thread comparing the two and their pros and cons. Im interested in knowing which is best for the pedal board im building.

Next Question:
I recently have aquired(some are still being shipped) soem new pedals(my sig is outdated). Heres the list:
Boss hm-2
Boss mt-2
Boss dd-6
Morley Mark Tremonti wah
Dunlop Roto-vibe
Planet Waves Pedal tuner

So should i get a noise reducer/suppresior? and if so which one?
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As for the power supplies, the Boss looks better to me. It has 9v and 18v outputs, and it's a lot cheaper. Plus, all the reviews are good.
The pedal power 2 is kind of a standard, it might not have an 18v output but all of its outputs are isolated, avoiding any potention positve/negative ground or ground loop issues that may arise otherwise.
what do you mean kind of a standard?
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LTD MH-400
Line 6 Uber Metal
Line 6 Echo Park
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the power brick, no doubt.

and you don't really need a noise suppressor. i find my amp is noisier than my pedals.
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I see a lot of people reccomend the ISP Decimator for Noise Gates, but I have to say I LOVE my MXR Smart Gate. I just kick it on and it does exactly what it's supposed to do, with no noticeable tone suck at all.
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Get a 1-Spot power adapter + daisy chain, it can power 20 pedals and it costs a third of the DC brick.
As far as noise reduction, ISP Decimator is the way to go. I have one and it's PERFECT in every way possible. It does its job and nothing else.
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