Ive heard mixed things about how to turn off tube amps. Ive heard that your tubes will die faster if you dont put it on standby for a minute or 2 before you turn it off, just like turning it on. Ive also heard that it doesnt matter, and you can turn it off without using standby at all. I want to know which way is the correct way, because I really dont want to mess up my amp. thanks
It doesn't matter. Just kill the power. Now, if you're going to transport the amp, you should let them cool after you've killed the power, but there's no benefit to doing standby before powering down. Besides, tubes are going to last however long they're going to last. The tubes in my amp lasted for 7 years before I had to replace them, and I used to turn it on without letting it warm up, leave it on for days, all the "bad" things that supposedly kill your tubes.
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I have also heard that you should set it to standby before shutoff, so that is what I do. For me it is just worth the extra 2 minutes a session, so I don't chance it.
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It does nothing to leave standby on. It just keeps your tubes heated, which will actually shorten their life if you do it everyday (this honestly won't effect them that much... maybe might shorten the tube's life by a few hours).
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It's leave it on standby for 30 secs when you switch it on, and it doesn't matter how you switch it off. I just hit the standby switch then the power switch, so it goes into standby for like, a second.

Just make sure you dont plug/unplug cables without muting the amp, as the pops and cracks wear out the speaker.
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