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I think they are amazing, especially coming from a band like TREOS, who, no offense to their fans, starkly less amazing. Especially the vocals. Plus teh instrumentation is fantastic. They put out one of my favorite EPs of '06 and I cannot wait for Act II

If you haven't already checked them out make sure you do.
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I'm a huge fan of instrumental bands and this is why. The intro to City Escape was absolutely amazing and then the vocals kicked in. Way too poppy, WAY too poppy, for my likings.

Too bad.
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yeah i've only heard a little bit of it... dont remember anything spectacular... ill have to check it out again.

but seriously. give TREOS another shot.
i thought they were kinda.. eh when i first heard them
but holy damn their album is unbelievable.
lots of subtle things and the vocals.. thought kinda pop/emoy
are good.