Does the quality of a patch cord make enough difference in your sound to bother buying very good cords. Or is a patch cord a cord
You might as well invest in a halfway decent cable, but I've never really seen the need to get super-nice ones when they're usually only six or so inches.
Get a patch with metal on either side for support. Ive bought two platic ones that hvae broken within the month so i've learned my lesson...
The quality of the cable makes absolutely no difference in sound. The only difference is some will last longers then others. Cheaper ones will break or have the soldering in them come undone and give you spotty connections...etc.

There is no actual "sound" difference. Trust me. I've built a thousand 1/4 inch cables at work.
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if your rig is top notch then buy good cables. if not then just get decent ones.
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