Well, I'm doing an assignment for English class, a poll, asking people what qualities they like in leaders. So, I thought, why not come to UG and ask what you think! So just post what qualities you like in a leader... (serious posts, please)
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Speaks up
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1. Atheist
2. Freethinkers
3. Not elitist
4. Willing to hear EVERYONE's side
5. No nepotism/favoritism
6. High intelligence
Someone who's had to work to get where they are, and hasn't had anything handed to them. And leaders who aren't afraid to jeopardize their career if they think something is right. Compare a staunch individualistic guy like Teddy Roosevelt to our White House Pussy,...er, I mean Bush
Basically the number one thing is
someone who doesn't screw your country/team/organisation into the ground
They should be truthful (rare)
and non discriminatory
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Thanks for the (mostly) serious comments, keep 'em coming.
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strong intiative
humour (helps)
willingness to negotiate

so why haven't I been elected preident? It's a mystery
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