hey this is something that i love the sound of, and i cant figure out how to do it. i know the answers probably just really simple, but i cant figure it out. how do clapton, kenny wayne shepherd bb king (even though i beleive bb's WAY overrated, and he only knos like 4 licks, and just incorperates that into his playing, but i guess that besides the point) and ppl like that get their solos to stand out so much? i can crank up the volume, and ull be able to hear it of course, but their solos always seem to kinda like peirce through the backing rhythm and all that. i want to kno how to do that.

any help would be appreciated
It is the soul man!
Music is mostly about the feeling since it is an art style to begin with. It is barely about how to do it. Just feelin' it.
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one. bb king is amazing... but your entitled to what you think.
two. use reverd, lots of it and use the neck pick up as well. hope thatll help
its not about how many notes or different licks you can play, it's how you play them Great music is so much more, that's why BB king is more famous than Vai

BTW, i worship Vai and mean no disrespect
I think you are asking more about sound man stuff than you are playing.

In the live setting, I always have to crank up stuff that I want to be heard. That's why the soundman is there.

In a studio setting, I always have to crank up the stuff that I want to be highlighted. That's why I get paid to mix.

Now, if the problem is excessive, it's probably due more to the tone of the bass amp, other guitar players, or the arrangment of the song.

I always thought that Clapton has a smooth tone. So don't think that you need to set a really bitey tone to cut through. You just need to boost the volume on the right tone.

yea thanks guys. ill try all that and see if it helps. btw, i mean no disrespect to bb king at all, and i realize his place in blues history, and that he is a great guitarist. all i was saying is that i didnt believe he should be up with hendrix, clapton, srv, vai, evh, etc. in that rollingstone list. just wanted to clarify