Ok, been hearing a song on the radio for a few weeks. It doesn't sound new, and I think I've heard it before a long time ago, but I can't think of the name of it for the life of me. Wikipedia and google are no help, so I turn to you guys. I can remember snippets...

"Everybody called him
The king of the delta blues
the devil made an offer
he just could not refuse
and he sang of a tale
of a hellhound on his trail
the travelling blues"


"he got too close to another man's wife
when he drank the poisoned whiskey
it still took three long days
for the delta king to lose his life"

so i know it's about robert johnson, and it sounds rather simple, and i'd like to learn it. can anyone help? a link to the best tab for it would help a lot too.
it might actually be an Eric Clapton song. check his album for Robert Johnson...listen to clips or something.
I don't think it's clapton. he's got some pretty distinct vocals, and I've got most of his catalog as it stands. It almost sounds like skynyrd, but that doesn't seem right for some reason.

EDIT: I also know that it's obviously not a cover of a Johnson song, as it talks about his birth and death. Kind of a life story song.
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