** i'll start off by declaring that this IS NOT a flame, but...

** I AM AN ANTI-SHRED GUITARIST ** i love hyper-sonic, string-theory, hammering... don't get me wrong. but everything i hear that's "shred" always makes me ...
====>> ====>>

now that i've got that out in the open...
i've got my physical abilities (ie: rate and accuracy of picking, and fretting) honed sharper than i thought i ever sould.

so if i know every major scale all the way up and down the neck, then it would follow, that i know some kind of minor scale. because one of the minor scales is just a flat-7th, right?
so you shift the pattern down or up how ever many steps, right?

so back to my first concern: howcome if i know all this, i still suck at solo'ing. I've got my rhythm/improve-riff'ing style down like its second nature. i tear the poopie out of my RIG like i'm riff-soloing. but when i go over the 7th frett, or the G-string (hmmm... G-string? mmmm ... cue homer simpson drooling/gurgling sound), my skills just disintegrate into ashes?

why can't i rip it in my style on the top end?
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Try playing slower, and more melodically. Choose your notes carefully, and make usage of space. Maybe what you think you want to be your style, really isn't.

Listen to some Miles Davis albums and listen to his playing. Try interpretting that onto the guitar.
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you know i had the same problem until last year

i joined a band... not just any band, a band where all 3 members clicked PERFECTLY and we all ended up playing the same exact style of riffs.

once you start jamming and tweaking with your rhythems until they are perfect, listen to it back at yourself and just have at it. this takes a long time to perfect but now i consider myself pretty good at soloing.

and if you feel THAT bad about your soloing, theres no shame in being a rythem guitarist

thats all i got
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maybe learn some solos by tab or otherwise that will let u learn how to navigate the dark waters of the top end without having to improve all the time, the Bohemian Rahpsody (think thats right) solo has a lot of that high fast playing, would check it out
if you pause on the notes of the arpeggio then your solos will usaully sound more meaningful, not just wankage
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