When I put the el34's in, they went down slowly and i had to push firmly. is that supposed to be right
I would think so, its probably just a tight fit.

If they fit, they fit. If they don't.. they dont?

I guess tight is better than loose, in this case =x
You could.

But the real question is do you want to?
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Quote by JimiMan1535
You could.

But the real question is do you want to?

Rofl, Jimi, I LOVE your gear.

But on topic, I think geno is right, its just a good fit.
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Quote by metal Lover
I got an extra guitar cord. could I just plug that into the cab?

You need to use a speaker cord. A guitar cord may not be able to handle the signal from the amp to the speaker, and if it dies, you'll blow the transformer in your amp.

Use a speaker cable, and ALWAYS have a speaker plugged into the head while it's on.