Me and my friend have been having an argument over who is a better guitar player. i explained to him that jack johnson can put more feeling into his playing but alexi laiho can shred like no other and is a lot more technical than him. and what pisses me off the most is that he thinks laiho is totally talentless and jack johnson could whoop him any day. please tell me your opinion
Random, for the Jazz/Blues forum, but I'll give my two cents.

If Jack Johnson can put more feeling into his playing, he more than likely is more enjoyable to listen to. If I wanted to listen to scales at 500 bpm I'd listen to Michaelangelo.
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You can't compare them, they have totally different Genres of playing. there both good but good is irrelevent. YOu can't argue a point of opinion.

+1 Laiho haha
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What a joke.

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