Old Books On Shelves

baby, if only you really knew.
all the million things id do.
this heartache is slowly getting worse.
i never thought id go down in this war.

Im killin myself.
Im an old book on a dusty shelf.
Pages torn and binding worn.
Im killin myself.

Its pretty much over and im a failure.
im stuttering to pictures.
staring in to eyes thats like to.rture.
Im left here thinkin if i really deserved her.


When will I see her again
I wish to the end of my days
This is the everlasting pain
I wish Id never hurt again


Im killin myself, killin myself.
Filled with the poison I choke.

need an honest opinion so i decided to post it here... cause hows more honest then strangers??? no one thats who. lol (:

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Thnx In Advance For The Feedback.