hey all, im currently learning five different major scale shapes that, collectively, allow you to solo/jam in any major key across the entire fretboard. I've only just begun this process, will take a month or two to get nailed. I've also been told that the chords to accompany a solo generally adhere to the following forumla (note: the numbers below reflect notes 1-8 in the major scale progression):

1 - Major, 2 - Min, 3 - Min, 4 - Maj, 5 - Maj, 6 - Min, 7 - Aug, 8 - Maj (Octave)

Could someone please confirm whether this information is correct?

Also, i have not begun on the minor scale patterns yet, but I have heard that they use the same major scale pattern, with an alternate root note, Could someone please explain this too me in detail, along with the formula used for creating successful chord progressions to accompany jamming with a minor scale.