Yeah I'll admit, i sharted...it was pretty amazing, i was just taking my last pee for the night and i was squeezing the absolute last drop of pee out and i felt my sphincter open and some poo came out i was like wtf? and then i realized what had happened so i thought i would post it on here for all of you to get a laugh out of and share your Shart stories....dont be scurred it happens to the best of us.
Well, I farted once...
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Done it once. I've never felt such an urge to take off my pants. As it turned out, there was much less fecal matter than I thought I would find. Kind of like how after you throw up on the ground, you go back to look and expect there to be like a huge puddle but there's just a little bit. Pretty much that same thing, just in your pants.
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i sharted when i was 8 i was playin the ps2 and i like wanted to fart but shit came out so i was like "ok neil you can play now" and he was like "thats weird he never lets me play the ps2"
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i am actually lolling right now!!! lmao!

After 1 and a half long years, someone laughed at one of my posts.