Middle of the night,
Looking around the room,
I can feel someone behind me,
Dsus4                  D
But it’s just an empty room,

C                             G
And I hear someone calling my name,
Dsus4                        D
I can’t spend the rest of my life,
Dsus2           D
Looking for someone
So I wait

F - C - Em - Am - G - Dsus4 - D (Repeat)

Chorus Chords:
F           C           G       Dsus4 D
No one ever cares about you and me
F              C
Why would they bother themselves with
G            Dsus4 D
Such a silly thing

F - C - Em - Am - G - Dsus4 - D

Am                        Em
I feel warm breath on the back of my neck
G                      Dsus4-D
Sending shivers down my spine
But I tell no one,
G                      Dsus4     D
Because they would not listen to me
Dsus2 D
At .. all

F - C - Em - Am - G - Dsus4 - D (Repeat)
Dsus2 - D - G

Parts of this are meant to be beautiful, theatrical, dramatic, paranoid, hurried, etc.... This is the first song in a long time that I really thought I wasn't "manufacturing". I just let the words flow out. And I know the title is also the title of a Genesis song, but it's the only thing that really fit.
Nobody's responded to this, so I'll respond to get it back to the first page.
Well first off, I write music first, it then gives me ideas for lyrics. So I might as well just include it in my posts. They don't end up extremely long. Also, they tend to connect to each other sometimes and therefore I don't write endings or beginnings usually. Except for the first and last songs on each album. Which is why my albums end up as concept albums.