Hey guys, kind of curious - i've got limited funds, but i find that guitar is a helluva way to relax myself, and lately i've been stressed as f*ck. So i'm looking at getting a new guitar and amp. Right now i use a Fender Strat mexican made, and a 5 watt Roland micro cube amp, nothing amazing. Living in Rez in Uni, and the guitar i'm looking at is a Schecter C-1 Hellraiser, and i want an amp thats going to keep up to it. I play pretty much whatever catches my ear, and that stretches ALL over the map. So tell me what you think, with limited funds, and living in rez, is it worth it to get - not an expensive - but still a pricey rig?
Well what exactly do you mean by limited budget?

I know the Vox valvatronix will give you a real bang for the buck. You can control wattage, it's fairly versatile and sounds great. Also you get the built in effects. I think the ad15vt is around $190 USD. The ad30vt which I have is around $250, I got it on sale for $200 though.
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i would recommend a Line6 Flextone, around 700 bucks online. good tone, great variety. can go pretty loud. cant go wrong.
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I would say to go for any of the Vox Valvetronix series. With those amps though, the bigger the better...so whichever one fits your budget.
How about a '59 Bassman...just kidding.

I'd suggest keeping the MIM Strat and get a higher wattage Roland Cube or a Vox Valvetronix.
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Quote by paintITblack39
I suggest spending it all on the amp.
+1 if you really want to sound good.
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no low budget amp is gonna be good with a hell raiser.

Emgs are meant to push tube amps.

Definitely go and spend it all on a amp.

Peavey winsor is nice amp for when on a budget i'm getting one.
Laney aor protubes go for around 250 on ebay.

some sites to look at for used gear


look at daves pinned thread. HAs a lot of amp recommendations