I'm having a lot of trouble finding tube amps in the 20-30 watt range. And yes, I've used the search button -_-

I know theres Peavey Classic 30, Vox AC30, Fender Princeton, Rivera pubster 25/clubster 25, Mesa f-30 and some others.

My problem is that I need too many things. The only metal I play is basically Iron Maiden, and some early Metallica, not too much high-gain stuff. All kinds of rock from the 60s to the 80s is important as music to me. Blues, blues rock, and cleans.

Any suggestions on what to try out? Really in a pickle here.

*Btw I'm not reading through 150 pages of the 'Amps Q and A thread and ONLY "Which Amp?" Thread'
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why not buy a higher watt one and just keep the volume knob down?

sure the tones not as good. but beggers cant be choosers
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^^well...looks like someone is on the Laney pay-roll....

I have the classic 50, it does great cleans and its overdrive is quiet good for blues-ey stuff (although I really wouldnt know as I dont play that sorta stuff) and it can get reasonably heavy with its overdrive (the pre-amp). For the metal you could purchase an OD, or just a tubescreamer/maxon (whatover the tubescreamer version is).
Quote by Sendrith

*Btw I'm not reading through 150 pages of the 'Amps Q and A thread and ONLY "Which Amp?" Thread'

Why not?

the reason why there are 1000's of threads about this subject is so there will be a database of information available for research. If you base your choice on the recomendations of the few who reply to this thread you will only be getting part of the story. Do yourself a favor, and read as many threads as you can... it can only haelp you make a better choice.

Oh, and how about a Fender Hot rod?
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