I finally started a band, the problem is that my drummer WILL NOT play anything unless my other guitarist listens to it. It's getting really annoying, as I don't want to just have to play metal and pop-punk, I want to move out of that circle. Our bassist has just picked it up, but I think he's decent. It's annoying because he'll agree with the other two.

I was just thinking of giving them CD's to listen too, or just buying an acoustic and going solo.
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My advice would be to go solo. The whole idea of a band is to have fun playing music, and it doesn't sound like you're having fun. That aside, people who will ONLY play music they like will have a very confined sound.
yeah my drummer is like that too. he's an emo guy(i hate emo but he plays damn good drums) and we are a metal band so its kinda hard to convince him to play our style but he does his job. but you situation seems different. just kick him out and find a drummer that plays the style that you want. that or go solo. Mr. Pink is right. music is about fun. so go and grab that acoustic and go solo! or suffer....your choice!
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i had that problem... sort of... the rest of the band wouldnt listen to me even though im "band leader" so im leaving and joining another band :P sure ill be playing bass instead of guitar but bass is fun :P
well we agree songs to play,and often split songs if band members really dont want to play the song
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why don't you just jam in a certain key? If you can't decide on a cover but still wanna play together, try to just have a jam.
Well, you could either kick the guys out that aren't contributing or expanding, you could leave and join another band, or you could pick up an acoustic and go solo.

It all depends on what you want to do.
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