A while ago i bought a Randy Rhodes flying V and i thought it was excellent, but i need to retune so often i end up using my authentic copy of a fender to play the other tunings. I cant get it set up in drop C without the bridge sagging into the body of the guitar and the strings rattling because they arnt tight. I've had 3 strings snaps of the high e so i have to buy another pack for one string... its actually getting me down. I just keep it locked away now, only taken out to show people what a bain it is to me. Any ideas on a replacement? Im into heavy metal and i love all these weird shapes like BC Richs and Jacksons, low price would be a bonus and please no floating bridge! Cheers
dont trade it in mate. read about the use of the trem, is it the actual floyd rose or is it licensed?
You shouldn't buy anything with a Floyd Rose unless you know how to use it.

If I were you, I'd look into the Jackson King V (one without a trem), a B.C. Rich KKV (one with a trem), or an LTD V-500.
Step 6:
When the strings are at the desired pitch, check to see if the bridge base plate is sitting parallel with the top surface of the guitar. If the base plate is tilted forward away from the body, you must tighten the tremolo springs tension by turning the spring claw screws clockwise and repeat step 4. If the base plate is tilted back toward the body, you must loosen the tremolo springs tension by turning the spring claw screws counterclockwise and repeat step 4. [Step 6 only needs to be done on initial setup of the bridge or if you change to another gauge of strings or change to a different tuning.]
Unless you know about a floyd rose, don't bother with one.

Also, are you tuning up and down from Drop-C to Standard and such like?

Cause your Floyd Springs might just be pulling to much when it's tuned up or down.
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Its licensed if i remember correctly, and yes abit late now for telling me "dont buy a floyd rose unless i know how to use it" >.> And i the lowest i tune is Drop C and the highest is standard, i really dont want to have to reset the bridge everytime i retune because when i practice i play every song i know to warm up then try and learn something new. When i bought it i didnt relise what a bitch the trem would be. My friend had a shot when i got it and snapped the string, i made him stay till midnight crawling around on the floor, looking for the little block that holds the string in ^^
you can buy strings seperately.
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