Hi Guys

I am an acoustic guitarist, thinking of getting his first electric, and a Cole Clark Mistress has come available at a red hot price. AU$1199 (US$900). Number 91

Being in unfamiliar territory, I thought I would get your opinion on it.

* It has a set neck & Dual Humbuckers

* 2 volume, 2 tone controls, 3 way pick up selector.

* Solid timber

* Set neck (glued in neck)

* US rock maple or Indian rosewood fingerboard.

Cole Clark FL1AC Acoustic

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Instead of using Valves, could I use Light Bulbs instead? If so, would the new energy saving ones be OK? Coz I do a lot of playing

I got my pick stuck inside my guitar . . . . how am I supposed to get it out?
I don't like the horns, the tone is really nice, its different. The neck is a nice and round. Some people hate it, others love it, but really only aussies would know how it would sound and feel. Go try and try one, you'll be pleased. HAPPY AUSTRALIA DAY!!!
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