Alright, so i was out in ym car and everything is running fine as always. The next day, the brakes stop working - well they are very spongy and i need to press them very hard to slow down, also my handbrake just yanks right up to the top. Whats going on with my car, has the brake cable broke or is it just a simpl,e case of needing to put in brake fluid? Any help is much appreciated.
you may have air in the brake´s idraulics circut!
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your brake pads are old, get some new ones
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I'd take it in, it could be one of the brake wires came loose, or something. Sorry, my dad is a mechanic, I'm just trying to remember all of the stuff he talked about brakes. I don't know.
Thansk for the response, think i might just take it to the garage and let the pros deal with it. Its definelty not my brake pads, got them donw not long ago. Thought it might be something simple like brake fluid.
yep, sounds like air in the brake fluid, the system probably needs bleeding. does the braking improve if you 'pump' the brake pedal?
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If i leave the car to sit for a bit, the brakes and the handbrake are fine. Then after driving around for a little while - they begin to get spongy again and fail to work and the handbrake becomes loose. Does this sound like air in the brake fluid?
Im in auto tech so its not lick I am certified. But I am thinking maybe you return springs are loose or went bad. As far as your e-brake, I think maybe its frozen or something much greater than what I know is going on. Its shouldnt be too bad. And honestly its cheaper to go to your local school who has a vocation for auto tech and make a appointment to bring it in. And there could be air in the brake fluid meaning your going to have to bleed the brakes which aint hard
Soongey brakes?, sounds like a lack of fluid, indeed air in youre system. They will require bleeding. Its an easy job, but if they charge you more then 50$, then they are ripping you off.
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yea probly air like everyone else has said. but id do a whole brake job. cleaning the discs (or drums, watever u have), and rough them up..... but if u dont know wat ur doing it be best to get a mechanic to do it for you. better safe than sorry (driving around and all of a sudden the brakes dont work at all)
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Check your brake fluid and fill up if necessary. If not, let me know.
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You could have anything from a hose disconected, leaking master cylinder, or air in the lines.

Take it to a pro, don't do it yourself. Automotive classes in school can also do the job because the instructors usually have been working on cars for very many years.
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Quote by tele150322
your brake pads are old, get some new ones

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Sounds like your master cylinder is shot. It's what maintains the pressure in your braking system. I had a Grand Am with this problem a few years ago. It's not your brake pads. Those wear very slowly and have other signifiers, such as grinding and the screeching of the sensor.
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