Hey guys,

Which pickup combo for me?

Bareknuckle Miracle Man (bridge), Cold Sweat (neck)
Swineshead Warthog (bridge), Runaway (neck)
EMG 81 (bridge), 85 (neck)

I play a blend of punk and metal. Somewhere between Alkaline Trio, Sum 41, Alexisonfire, Trivium, 80's Metallica, Maiden, etc.

BK MM and BK CS............ try out the BK CS bridge too !! The demos sound pretty good !!
Tone is all ...... well probably 75%, in your fingers.
The rest depends on your wallet's thickness !!

Keep the faith, baby!!
I have no experience with them other than the EMGs. I have an 81/81 set-up in my LTD and I love it. The sound is smooth and crisp and it cuts through nicely.