i have an old crappy squire bullet guitar which iam now rewiring for a friend.
i looked at the pickup switch terminals and it has only 7 !! not 8 as the usuals.
so iam confused now, how i can rewire it?
it has terminals inline marked from 1 to 7, so i don't know where is the common and the others.
any help please?
a wiring diagram if available?
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I had one of those on my guitar before I replaced it. Basically, I just looked at the PCB it was mounted on and worked out for myself which tab equated to which pickup. If this fails, get out a multimeter and check for continuity. If you can't work it out, you can always replace the switch with a decent quality one.
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iam not into electronics so much but the switch is hard to figure out or examine.
how to check it with multimeter?
Finally I understand the feelings of the few,
i've found an old diagram i wrote before but iam not sure of it coz it makes non sense compared to the usual switch terminals.

its terminals inline from 1 to 7

1 = middle pickup
2 = neck pickup
3 + 4 = connected together withe a wire to the volume pot
5 = neck tone
6 = middle tone
7 = bridge pickup

where is the bridge tone ?
Finally I understand the feelings of the few,
Quote by Pink_Waters

where is the bridge tone ?

It's a strat; there is no tone control for the bridge pickup.
it is connected to the midle tone. don't ask me how, i just work here : )
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