An OFR will hold tune better, just because it's locking at the bridge and at the nut (you SHOULD get a locking nut).

Depends on what ya need though.

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a locking nut would require you to tune up again i think. so it probably would't work (i think thats what fine tuners on FRs are for)
Strat trems are generally much more subtle, made for vibrato rather than dives.
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depends what sort of stuff you play

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heres the question do you want to dive bomb? If you say "yes, than get a FR, if you say "no" than stick with a strat bridge
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Strat trems aren't really made to pull up. If you want to raise the pitch subtely or dramaticly (Like how Dimebag does), you'll want a floyd.
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I dive bomb with my strat with no problems.

Dude since when did you get a strat? You dont mean that copy you got laying around do you?
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Strat trems aren't really made to pull up. If you want to raise the pitch subtely or dramaticly (Like how Dimebag does), you'll want a floyd.

I dive bomb and pull up without problems on my strat without problems.
if you want to do crazy whammy stuff ide say get a FR
if you dont do that crazy stuff, but still use the trem quite abit, ide say look into Wilkinson ... the trems they have are amazing
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maybe get a FR and some lace sensors so you can pretend you are prince.
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any way a floyd is good for extreme whammy stuff but is a bugger to restring maintain and generaly do ANYTHING to since it will go out of tune. maintaining those damn things isn't a skill it's an artform one i can't get my head around. but you can make a strat trem almost as stable as a floyd without the added stress that floating locking trems bring simply by adding locking tuners to increase the tuning stability