gahh. Well, my school is having a school play this year and it is kinda going to be a musical and they need musicians. We are going to be playing a variety of rock songs from the 70's and up. The lady in charge already said one of the songs were playing is bohemian rhapsody. She also told us that to try out, we have to play something of our choice and then she is going to make us sightread a song.

What song would best suite my tryout? There is going to be 2 guitarist, one playing rhythm and one playin lead, im shooting for lead.

thanks guys.
Do anything that is comfortable wif you and the other guy but it must boast some skill as well!
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If you're an amazing guitar player, shred the hell out of your guitar while your pointing it at her face. \m/

Seriously though, just choose one of the songs you like playing which shows the skill you have.
Just play Sweet Child O Mine. It's not really that hard but people who don't play guitar think its the ultimate guitar song, so...
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I'd learn Bohemian Rhapsody, this should be a no brainer

He means other than that

Play either a well known classic rock song or something very skillful
I learned Bo Rhap in 8 hours and I'd only been playing for 3 months, its really not that hard.

You Love Us by Manic Street Preachers has insane lead guitar, especially at the end (on the version on Generation Terrorists). And guess what, I've tabbed the whole lot

Shameless plugging there...
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He means other than that

Play either a well known classic rock song or something very skillful

Yes, anything that is "classic" rock would probably be a good choice, maybe a medley of tunes even. Hwoever, I'd stay away from really heavy metal/shredding, as the judge likely hasn't developed an appreciation for it.