But I'm not sure what to choose, S470 looks pretty good and I've looked at a few ESP M series and stuff but I'm still not 100% what I want. Suggestions pleease, nothing too expensive, I could probably spend 500-600AU on something second hand. Thanks
ESP's would be best for hard rock and metal. Bands like Metalica and Megadeth use them.

as for a strat they're used for more of the Blues genre. stevie ray and hendrix are few of the strat users.

All in all, it depends on what type of music you like to play.
Well the S470 doesn't sound like a strat at all. It has a awesome trem. But i'm pretty ESP would cost you less in AU. If you need a floyd definitely go S470 however. Thiers always ebay. Ibanez's tend to go very cheap there.
first you have to find the S470. good choice if you can.

it's discontinued.
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