Hi there, i'm a guitarist from Solihull, Birmingham in England
i play in a fantastic prog rock/metal band called Torn Between
im very happy where i am, but as we are a very serious band, i
am looking for a local band who would like to just play some cool covers
for fun, anything by The Offsping, Metallica, Stone Sour, Bowling for Soup,
and the like
my influences include the above and Breed 77, Chimaira, Bullet for my Valentine, Sheryl Crow, Pantera, Machinehead, Archenemy and God Forbid
so anything really lol
i go to South Birmingham College in Digbeth where im doin a Btec Cert in Music Performance
get back to me yea?
Hey, I live in the centre of Birmingham and play guitar, lead or rhythm.

I have my own band in Oxford but am looking for something more local - this sounds like fun.

if interested reply or PM me.

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