Hey everyone,

I need your help. I don't post here much but I come on pretty much everyday to check out new songs that are posted. And I am impreesed by alot of what I see, wich is why I am asking for help.

I am writting a song for a friend of mine who was left parilysed after a hockey accident. The name of the song will be "stay strong" (wich is what was written on everything we sold to raise money for him). But I am having alot of trouble writting about this.

I am looking for any kind of help/ideas. It is a rock ballad.

Thanks in advance.
Just keep plenty of emotion and heart into this song, and I'm sure it will turn out great. Unfortunately sometimes some of the worst situations in life can create great songs.
get drunk or at least drink some beers and pick up the guitar and just start writing, even if it's lyrics only guitar helps imo
Please read the FAQ, as much as perhaps I'd like to no exceptions. Use the Lyrics Tips thread, and the question thread please.
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