i kno this is probably gonna sound like a noob question

but ive been playing guitar for 3 years and i just switched to 10 guage strings from 9's like two months ago.

But heres the problem, i love the sound of the thicker low strings, but i hate the way the higher strings sound

Is it ok to put like 10 guage lower strings (E,A,D) 26, 36, 46,
and then like 9 guage strings for (G, B, E,) 9, 11, 16

i was wwondering if thats ok for the guiatr
and do other people do that to?

That should be fine, maybe a little bit more expensive though. And have you tried some other companies? Guages of specific strings vary a little bit beween companies, so maybe there's a pre-selected set out there for you, and you just haven't found it. But if you don't find anything you like, plenty of people do mix.

The only thing I can't figure out is why they bother you that much, the only difference I can tell when changing guages is that larger strings are less buzzy and and the higher strings don't bend right off the fret board due to being so flimsy. But I guess everyone is different.
GHS makes a set of strings in these gauges. They are the GHS Boomers Custom Lights.

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