i wasnt sure if this should go in the other section but i figured it applies more to guitar accessories, i have a boss pedal board but need more room, ive seen lots of bands who have their pedals mounted on wood etc, i was wondering if anyone else has this sort of set up, how to power it all cos im thinking about making my own. thanks
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There is a few things that you can do. I only have six pedals, a Line 6 MM4, Digitech DF7, Boss Phase shifter, Mini q-tron, boss digi-delay, and a crybaby. The problem I had was the crybaby and the MM4. I just played around with the set up till I could easily get them all fitting.

I made my pedal board with 1/4" plywood, painted, and diamondplate on the tops. The cover I secured with clamps and put a handle on for easy transport. I guess just mess around with how much room youll need. I bought power supplies for them all, (400 dollars later), and used a power squid.

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