I started to play around with recording stuff last night, and out of the five things I recorded this was what I was proud of the most.

I've been playing for two and a half years now, but have only been taking lessons and learning theory since last April. So don't eat me if the theory isn't correct.

This is the first time I've ever tried to record something, and I didn't really spend too much time on it, but I think it's fairly decent, for my standards anyway.

I really like the rhythm, but not so much the solo. Just something I put over it to see what it'd sound like, but as I said it ended up being alright. I'm planning on writing something different over it, something that isn't improvised and that will hopefully sound better.

Its only thirty seconds long, but it gets kind of repetitive after the first fifteen or twenty seconds.

Please tell me what you think, and stuff.

Thanks !
Funky? Kinda Improv thing
thats coool i like the effect and the lead is pretty sweet but it kinda does get a lil repetative
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