I have an Epiphone Les paul Custom (Alpine white).

Whilst the guitar is great for the price range (I'd much sooner get the £2000 Gibson LP Custom), I am finding that the pickups aren't that great, which is something I am OK with for now but I would like to upgrade the pickups. I play a lot of rock/hard rock and my main influences are Manic Street Preachers, GNR, (also like a little bit of metallica) etc etc.

I was just wondering if anyone would be able to recommend me some reasonably priced pickups/pickup sets. I am willing to spend around £150 on this. Whilst a lot of people will say EMG, I'm not looking for 100% distortion - just a couple of pickups which will enhance the tone, make the sound a bit brighter and pickup better on distortion. I have looked around but there's so many to choose from I'm not sure where to start.

The other thing is that there are a lot of open coil sets out there - can I put gold puck up covers on these? Obviously I want a gold set so that it still matches the hardware.

Any advice much appreciated!

Swinesheads for sure, they come with gold covers fitted too, fitting covers to open pickups involves wax and stuff and is simply too hard if you have no experience.

I just got a Warthog/Condor set in my Epi LP and I love them but Jon would be able to advise you which ones would suite you best if you drop him an email and let him know what music you like and what setup you have.
+1 on swineshead, you're in the UK and you want reasonably-priced, it's win-win.
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