I've been searching around for what might suit me and I think I might want to get a (DiMarzio) D-Sonic in the bridge, Chopper in the middle, and Air Norton in the neck.
I have an Ibanez RG1570 (basswood body, HSH configuration, Edge trem)

I really like tone such as; Alice in Chains, Incubus (Make Yourself tone...not the single coil-y stuff), Children of Bodom, Coheed and Cambria, Tool, Alien Ant Farm, and a band called Asleep that no one knows about....

Could I get something like that with the Air Norton/Chopper/D-Sonic set up? I want to make sure I can get anywhere from a pretty tight metal sound to really clean cleans.

If not, could some one recommend another pick up set up? I want to stay within passive pickups and I'm not really into rare-find boutique stuff.
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Alice in Chains use JBs exclusively. A jb would easily nail all those tones.
I'm not really familar with single coils but i like lace sensors. I personally only use middle pickups for clean on HSH guitars. Air nortons are nice.
I use dimarzio breeds. Thier similar to JBs but better eqd and way better harmonics. They would also nail those tones.