i do lessons at this place for 30 mins a week, its £12 a time.

is this good value or should i start to look else where?
As long as the teacher is really good then i suppose. Also depends how many teachers are in your area.
I used to pay £12 a lesson for 45 mins.
He was a decent teacher, but the bills kept piling up.
Yes, I pay £30 for an hour but I get to use my teacher's recording studio thing, and his amps etc. Also many thanks to him for selling me his Radius, yay. So yes I would say that is reasonable.
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depends on teachers reputation, prices can go up very high
I pay 2 an hour and go for an hour a week
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Wow some of you have really cheap lessons, but I am not about to get another teacher!
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Wow that seems really expensive. I payed 15 bucks a lesson for 30 minutse a week. And thats Canadian. And what that one guy said, 60 bucks a lesson!! Thats insane. I wouldnt go over 20 bucks american if i were you.
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I pay about 4£ per lesson, 1 lesson a week, 1-1,5 hours and my teacher has a huge reputation, i waited for about five months to get him.

Seems cheap, but here in Estonia we have such low standards that this is quite a lot.
Here in Portugal I payed 35 euros($45.00 US) for 40 minute lessons every week
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I really don't think 30 mins is long enough. I pay £15 an hour for one lesson every two weeks. I could do it every week or twice a week if I wanted but it would cost to much.
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I pay £10 for half an hour every 2 weeks, my guitar teacher is great, he has a huge waiting list.

So IMO as long as your getting a good teacher who will help you progress as a guitarist then the price should be fine