I an a huge fan kurt's guitars, I think He has very good taste in them, especially in the looks department. Seeing as my 17th birthday is coming up I've came into a decent amount of money, and thought of buying a new electric. But I'm torn between two guitar models the eastwood hi-flyer or a fender jag-stang. as far as sound goes on these guitars goes it doesn't really matter because I'll put in new pick-ups if I don't like it, so the thing I can't get past is which is better phase in/out selectors or toggle switch and bolt on neck or set in neck. As far as looks classic surfy fenders or qurky mosrites?
I'd take the fender. Although jag-stangs are pretty hideious. I hate myself for not liking the looks though. I'd deffinately snatch one up if I could make myself like it.
Thing that real pulls me to the jag-stang is again the the switches and even before got into nirvana I've loved fenders and my head is saying You'll finally have a real fender.

Thinking of it a lil more I can an hi-flyer anytime, but jag-stang in good shape that i can afford isn't as accessible, but I'm still not 100% sure.
I have a jag, the switching system makes alot more sense and should be applied to alot more guitars.
Eastwood do make decent guitars. TBH you're better playing them head to head, but I doubt many shops will stock eastwoods, so the fender would deffinately be the safer option.
thanx I'm leaning toward the fender. and you're right : I looked online and the closest dealer that carries eastwoods is a state a away. I'm talking hourS just for one guitar nd nothing else.
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I won a fiesta red Jag-stang last night eBay. Just FYI

Gratz man.

What did you pay for it?